Roche COVID‐19 Antibody Testing Kit x40 (For Antibody Detection Only)

Roche COVID‐19 Antibody Testing Kit x40 (For Antibody Detection Only)

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The SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antibody Test is intended for use as an aid in identifying individuals with an adaptive immune response to

SARS-CoV-2, indicating prior infection of the virus that causes COVID-19.

The test can be performed on a small volume (20ul) of capillary blood from the fingertip or on a venous blood sample. This is equivalent to about one or two drops of blood. The test can also be performed on plasma or serum (see the package insert for more details). The testing procedure should be performed by healthcare professionals, only.

Please note lancets are not included in the Kit.


  • Convenient for patients - quick testing and immediate answers for patients in all care settings
  • Efficient patient management - potentially less time and effort for healthcare professionals
  • A more comfortable way to test - some individuals prefer capillary sampling over venous sampling
  • To detect individuals that have previously been infected SARS-CoV-2. This may provide some peace-of-mind however it is important to remember that it is not yet known whether the presence of these antibodies provides immunity to re-infection.
  • To understand the spread of the virus within a given geography, workplace, or


Three simple steps, and the result will be ready

  • Results within 10 - 15 Mins
  • Quick and Easy to read result
  • Result shows the presence of IgG and /or IgM antibodies
  • Excellent performance, sensitivity 99.03% and specificity 98.65%

Kit Contents

  • 40 x Test devices (individually in a foil pouch with desiccant)
  • 1 x Buffer bottle solution
  • 40 x Capillary tube (20μl)
  • 1 x Instructions for use
  • 1 x Quick Reference Guide

This product is strictly intended for professional use.

This item line is exempt from our usual returns policy. This item is non-returnable or exchangeable.